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Asphalt Paver Spares

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Asphalt Paver Spares

We believe in providing our customers with a responsive service that is designed around meeting their needs. Our quality replacement parts can be used on old and existing paver models from a range of manufacturers. The team at Bitmen has ensured that our products are full interchangeable with original parts, and are made using the highest quality materials.

Product Name:

Replacement Paver Spares

Product Category:

Bitmen – Black Top Equipment – Paver Spares

Product Benefits:

We offer an alternative source of quality replacement parts for use on both older and current paver models, from a variety of manufacturers, including Blaw Knox, Barber Greene, Bitelli, Dynapac, ABG and Vogele.

Our range of replacement parts are fully interchangeable with the original parts using quality materials of equivalent specification and are competitively priced to offer our customers considerable cost savings. The paver spares we supply include:

  •  Conveyor chains, sprockets, bearings and guards.
  • Drag Pans and floor plates.
  • Drive and idler shafts.
  • Auger flights, auger drive sprockets, drive chains, bearings etc.
  • Auger drive units.
  • Sprockets.
  • Screed Plates.
  • Burner trays and supports.
  • Diesel and gas burners.
  • Tamper Edges and Wear Bars.
  • Tamper bearings and supports.
  • Automatic ignition and temperature control systems.
  • Spark plugs.
  • Hydraulic system components.
  • Electrical system components.
  • Automatic levelling systems, manual, sonic and laser.

Additional Elements:

We also supply other ancillary items and have large stocks of spare parts located at our Chorley premises, which are available for immediate dispatch.

For more information about our range of Replacement Paver Spares, please contact Tony Schofield on:
Telephone: 01257 264403

Or alternatively visit our Contact page and speak to any member of the Bitmen team.

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