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Bitumen Boiler Accessories

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Bitumen Boiler Accessories

Engineers at Bitmen have created a full range of quality, hard wearing and reliable accessories. We have listened to application issues and overcome our clients’ specific needs. As a result of this, our products are now used far and wide, by those who appreciate ‘engineered’ solutions, with great quality and value.

Product Name:

Bitmen Boiler Accessories

Product Category:

Bitmen – Black Top Equipment – Boilers and Cauldrons

Product Benefits:

We are able to provide a range of accessories for our boilers:

  • Boiler Kits that include:
    • Bitumen Pot Burner
    • Regulator
    • Hose with the option of:
      • Rubber 5 metre or 4metre
      • Overbraided 4 metre
  • Tool Heaters
  •  Bucket Heaters
  •  Hand Stirrers
  •  Banding Tools
  •  Ladles
  •  Pouring Cans
  •  Buckets and ‘V’ Lip Buckets
  •  Overspill Trays
  • Compound buckets
  • ‘V’ lip buckets
  • Asphalt/lining shoes

For more information about our Bitumen Boilers and Cauldrons, please visit our Contact page and speak to a member of the Bitmen team. Telephone: 01473 830030 Email:

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