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Belspray Hand 25 – BXBH25

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Belspray Hand 25 – BXBH25

Expertly designed to suit the application and designed to accommodate 25 litre plastic containers, the sprayer is ideally suited for small jobbing works, and conforms to safety regulations demanded by certain authorities.

Product Name:

Belspray Hand 25 – Model BXBH25 Cold Emulsion Sprayer

Product Category:

Bitmen – Black Top Equipment – Cold Emulsion Sprayer

Product Benefits:

  • Designed specifically for 25 litre Plastic Drums
  • Meets manual handling criteria
  • Convenient, small and ideal for patchwork

Product Attributes:

  • Sturdy but lightweight construction
  • Built in Material Strainer
  • Hand operated diagram pump complete with neoprene valves
  • 5 metre delivery hose
  • 1 1/2 metre spraylance and jet

Additional Elements:

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