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Weiro – Ride On Sprayer – TM800

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Weiro – Ride On Sprayer – TM800

Tex Engineering has teamed up with ‘Weiro’ to bring on board a range of self propelled heated sprayers. This well designed and proven heated sprayer offers a wide range of options to give the customer flexibility along with durability and reliability. Our specialist team at Bitmen can advise on options designed to meet specific requirements.

Product Name:

Weiro – Ride on Heated Emulsion Sprayer

Product Category:

Bitmen – Black Top Equipment –  Hot Emulsion Sprayers

Product Benefits:

  • This Emulsion Sprayer model is self-filling from barrels and external tanks.
  • It includes a tank heating system, thermostatically controlled, with direct propane/butane burner.
  • It comes with an automatic cut-off gas burner at pre-set (low) level of tank filling.
  • The spraybar sprays large areas with it’s double overlapping nozzles, designed to create a clean and even distribution of emulsion.
  • Circulation of binder during heating and operation.
  • Fully CE complaint.

Product Attributes:

  • There are two types of Ride on Emulsion Sprayer :
    • TM800SH 3 wheels.
    • TM804 4 wheels.
  • Large 800 litre tank capacity.
  • Air pressure cleaning system to complete binder circuit, including spraybar and nozzle.
  • Exact dosage by regulation of spraying pressure and driving speed at preselected nozzle size by visible installed spraying chart.
  • This product also allows for spraying emulsion paint and bitumen products manually by hand spray lance.

Additional Elements:

  • Pressure gauge and electric, digital speedometer is an optional extra.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Hand spraylance attachments.


For more information about our hot emulsion sprayer equipment, please visit our Contact page and speak Sean Hindmoor a member of the Bitmen team.
Telephone: 01257 264403


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