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Wallis – Hand Operated Model – 7C

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Wallis – Hand Operated Model – 7C

Bitmen specialise in efficient spray systems, producing emulsion sprayer equipment that meets the needs of our customers. Our Model 7C Hand Operated ‘Wallis’ Cold Emulsion Sprayer accepts standard emulsion drums either horizontally or vertically. Expertly manufactured by our team, this product comes with a robust history, and matching build quality, which has made the industry standard.

Product Name:

Model 7C hand operated – Wallis Cold Emulsion Sprayer

Product Category:

Bitmen – Black Top Equipment – Cold Emulsion Sprayers

Product Benefits:

  • Accepts standard 205 litre emulsion drums either horizontally or vertically
  • Mounted on 4 cushion tyre road wheels as standard. An alternative 3 wheeled version with drag handle is also available.

Product Attributes:

  • Pump
    • The self-priming ball valve in this model is designed to handle cold anionic and cationic bituminous emulsions. It incorporates an air chamber, pump piston rod lubrication and strainer system to spray bitumen emulsion safely and efficiently.
  • Spray Line
    • 3 metre armoured delivery spray hose.
    • 1.5 metre split spraylance fitted with three piece easy clean nozzle.

Additional Elements:

  • Optional fine and large spray jet nozzles are available.
  • Alternative P2000 Powered Sprayer available

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