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Infra Ray Heater – Special builds

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Infra Ray Heater – Special builds

We offer a bespoke engineering solution to meet with our customers most demanding requirements. Our 104 and 108 Heaters are of industry standard and accommodate most applications.

Product Name:

Infra-Ray Heater – Asphalt Patcher and Reheater

Product Category:

Bitmen – Black Top Equipment – Infra Ray Heater

Traditionally road surface maintenance, reinstatement and removal has entailed the use of many different operations, machines and man-power. Our infra-ray road heater fulfills many of these functions by providing a single mobile unit. It is quiet and clean in operation, and able to work under otherwise adverse conditions. With the high cost of highway liability claims, this product is essential in helping contractors provide fast and effective repairs.

Product Benefits:

  • Designed to suit
  • Efficient low cost repairs
  • Trenching works
  • Longitudinal joints
  • Paver mounted
  • Trolley and trailer versions available

Product Attributes:

  • Infra Red Heating means no direct flames
  • No oxidation of bitumen binders
  • Reduces repair plant and equipment
  • Minimum material usage (less waste)

Additional Elements:

  • Individual burner on/off control option

Infra Red Heater Information:

The road heater element to this product has a propane fired heating panel which applies infra-red energy to asphalt and tarmacadam road surfaces. The heat penetrates the material, softening the binder content to a point where the material becomes workable. Other systems which use a naked flame tend to burn and destroy the road surface. Infra-red heat does not impair the quality of the material. As soon as the material has been conditioned by the road heater many alternatives are open to the contractor: the material can easily be removed, or since it is not displaced in any way by the heater, it may be rolled again to provide a good wearing surface, or new material, including pre-coated chips which can be added and rolled in to improve the surface.

A standard range of equipment is available as well as specialised equipment, which can be designed for customers’ specific requirements E.g. Machines for trenching work, lorry mounted or paver mounted machines. For smaller areas, a range of asphalt finishing tools are also available for the removal of bumps indentations and high spots.


For more information about our Infra-ray Heater products, please visit our Contact page and speak to a member of the Bitmen team.
Telephone: 01473 830030


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