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Diesel Fired Pre-Heater

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Diesel Fired Pre-Heater

Springwood Thermoplastic (oil fired) ‘Hydrive’ Pre-heater  are built using the best quality materials. The hard-wearing design gives this quality product, an extended life something our customers can rely on.

Product Name:

Thermoplastic ‘Hydrive’ Pre-Heater

Product Category:

Springwood – Thermoplastic Pre-Heater Diesel oil fired heating system

Product Benefits:

  • Diesel oil burner with constant running fan with heat output of between 59Kwand 183Kw
  • Thermometers fitted to material container and oil jacket where applicable
  • Insulated outer jacket 25mm of thick material, in outer metal jacket and stainless steel inner skin
  • Material container fully vented with unique heat fin arrangement for efficiency
  • Lombardini single cylinder diesel engine with electric start and charging circuit as standard
  • Hydraulic pump direct on engine shaft
  • See gas fired data
  • Overload protection is provided for piece of mind
  • Open return to tank incorporating reservoir strainer, filter and relief valve

Product Attributes:

  • Individual hydraulic motors driving agitator assembles
  • Low speed high torque, agitators running at 35RPM
  • Convenient filling and discharge heights
  • Large manual operated gate outlet
  • Thermometers fitted to material container and oil jacket where applicable
  • Totally enclosed hydraulic circuit, incorporating reservoir strainer, filter and overload relief valve protection

Optional Features:

  • Oil jacket
  • Electronic flame ignition and management system
  • Bug splitters and loaders

The policy of Springwood Engineering is one of continual development and the right is reserved to alter specifications without notice.

Mechanical Data:

All pre-heaters can be constructed as single or double units and are available in the following sizes:-

Size Litre
40 gallon 180 litre
60 gallon 270 litre
80 gallon 360 litre
100 gallon 450 litre


Size Litre
2 x 40 gallon 2 x 180 litre
2 x 60 gallon 2 x 270 litre
2 x 80 gallon 2 x 360 litre
2 x 100 gallon 2 x 450 litre

For more information on thermoplastic lining machines and equipment please contact Wayne Luckie in our Springwood Division on the details below:

Telephone: 01473 830030               Fax: 01473 831664


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