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Mastic Asphalt Cauldron

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Mastic Asphalt Cauldron

Trojan Asphalt Cauldrons are known in the industry for being reliable and long-lasting. We take pride in manufacturing a variety of Asphalt cauldrons that includes static, mobile, and fast-tow options.

Product Name:

Mastic Asphalt Cauldron

Product Category:

Trojan – Mastic Asphalt Mixers – Mastic Asphalt Cauldron

Product Attributes:

  • This product is suitable for asphalt jointing, setting and roofing.
  • The cauldron capacities are:
    • 2cwt
    • 5cwt
    • 10cwt

Product Benefits:

  • Can be supplied either static, mobile, and fast-tow products.
  • 5cwt and 10cwt sizes come with a split case for ease of handling
  • Includes a high quality burner, hose and regulator

Additional Elements:

We are also able to supply the following additional elements:

  • Stand and stirrer paddle
  • Wand dryers
  • Asphalt buckets
  • Pouring cans
  • Crimping rollers
  • Full range of accessories

For our Black Top Equipment that includes our range of Boilers and Cauldrons, please visit the Bitmen area of our website here.

For further information or a quotation, please contact Wayne Luckie in the Trojan Asphalt Mixers division:
Telephone: 01473 830030        Mobile: 07787 158039        Fax: 01473 831664   


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