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Bitmen – Cold Emulsion Sprayers

Belspray Drumlift – Model BXBW Cold Emulsion Sprayer

The ‘Belspray’ Drumlift Cold Emulsion Sprayer was designed with safe lifting in mind, providing a unique in-build solution to drum loading. Vertical drum lifting to provide with ease through an overcame hand operated lever mechanism.

Product Benefits

  • Drumlift for safe Drum loading and unloading


  • Designed for 205 litre Emulsion Drums complete with unique drum lift mechanism
  • Fitted with a Briggs and Stratton Engine 5HP Retail Engine complete with 6:1 Reduction gearbox, driving an ‘Albany’ geared pump via the safety drive coupling (pump/engine) protection
  • Vertical Drum loading
  • 5 metre delivery hose
  • 1 1/2 metre spraylance and jet

Additional Features

  • Additional engine choices:
    • Honda Engine – Model BXBW-H.
    • Yanmar Diesel Engine – Model BXBW-YDE.
  • 30 metre hose (optional)

Classic Belspray – Model BSBW Cold Emulsion Sprayer

The ‘Belspray’ range of sprayers offer you a lightweight, tubular design with ease of operation

Product Benefits

  • Drumlift for safe Drum loading and unloading


  • Fitted with Briggs and Stratton 5HP Petrol Engine c/w 6:1 reduction Gearbox
  • Built in filter/strainer
  • Designed for 205 emulsion drum
  • 5 metre standard delivery hose
  • Driving a heavy duty ‘Albany’ geared pump via a safety drive coupling which protects the pump and engine
  • Classic 4 wheel chassis
  • Vertical or horizontal drum loading
  •  1 1/2 metre spraylance and jet

Additional Features

  • Alternative Honda Engine – Model BSBW-H
  • 30 metre delivery hose (optional)

Belspray Hand – Model BXBH25 Cold Emulsion Sprayer

Expertly designed to suit the application and designed to accommodate 25 litre plastic containers, the sprayer is ideally suited for small jobbing works, and conforms to safety regulations demanded by certain authorities.

Product Benefits

  • Designed specifically for 25 litre Plastic Drums
  • Meets manual handling criteria
  • Convenient, small and ideal for patchwork


  • Sturdy but lightweight construction
  • Built in Material Strainer
  • Hand operated diagram pump complete with neoprene valves
  • 5 metre delivery hose
  • 1 1/2 metre spraylance and je

Belspray Pump Unit – Model BSBP Cold Emulsion Sprayer


Product Benefits

  • (Standard) with 30m hose
  •  1 1/2 metre spraylance with jet


  • Can be supplied with a Honda Engine – Model BSBP-H
  • 30 metre hose

Belspray Hand 205 – Model BSBH205

Tex engineering, in construction with Belspray, has created industry loading emulsion sprayers. A long legacy born out of the Wallis range, puts us at the forefront of supply. The Belspray Hand 205 is no exception as it is classic in design, lightweight in construction

Product Benefits

  • Designed for standard 205 litre Drum
  • Vertical or Horizontal loading


  • Classic 4 wheel chassis
  • Lightweight tubular construction
  • Material Strainer
  • Hand operated diagram pump complete with neoprene valves
  • 5 metre delivery hose
  • 1 1/2 metre Spraylance

Additional Elements

  • Can be supplied as Drumlift version – BXBH205

Belspray Trailer Sprayer – Belspray Cold Emulsion and Concure Sprayers

At Tex Engineering, we understand how important it is for emulsion sprayer equipment to be easy to use, safe and functional for our customers. Our Belspray Trailer Sprayers are expertly designed to carry two full drums. They are equipped with a small crane and drum grab, to allow for loading drums in a safe and efficient way. The product is manufactured from the highest quality galvanised pressed steel and also comes with a choice of spray systems to be fitted onto the trailer, specific to the needs of the customer

Product Benefits

  • This Emulsion Sprayer model is designed to carry two full drums.
  • It is equipped with a small crane and drum grab to allow for loading the drums and Belsprayer. The crane and drum grab allows for one person to load the drums and pump the unit safely, using the sprayer single-handed


  • The trailer body of this model is manufactured from high quality galvanised pressed steel, with reinforced bracing and internal fitting to ensure safe transport of the drums and sprayer.
  • It comes complete with jockey wheel, road lights and electrics.
  • The small folding, hand hydraulic crane is fitted in a central position in front of the trailer body. The location of the crane allows drums to be loaded into the correct position in the centre of the trailer. The crane is fitted with a drum grab, again ensuring safe lifting and loading of the drums.
  • The trailer sprayer is fitted with either a Belspray motorised pump unit and spray bar or with a Belspray hand operated pump with mounting plate (for fixing down) and hand lance.

Additional Elements

A small petrol generator and a drum side heater with a manual thermostat for winter working is also available as an optional extra. See below for more information about these additional elements.

Drum side heater:

  • Splash resistant, flexible, silicon rubber belt with over-centre tension spring fastener to secure heater around drum.
  • Temperature – Up to 100 degrees centigrade with manually operated thermostat.

Petrol Generator:

  • A Honda 2.2 KVA generator with overload protection and reset button.
  • Oil Alert.
  • Meccalte type alternator.
  • Full wrap around protection.
  • Voltage – 110v.

Mechanical Data

Dimensions: 1880 x 1330 x 440 approx. Max Gross Weight: 740 kg Capacity: Two 250 litre drums in the vertical position

Belspray Surface Dressing Machine Trailer

Product Benefits

Adjustable wheel tracking


  • Weight 3 category trailer for transportation of a surface dressing machine.
  • 5000 kg gross weight
  • Air-over hydraulic and ABS break systems
  • Loading legs

Wallis Cold Emulsion Sprayer – Model 7C Hand Operated

Bitmen specialise in efficient spray systems, producing emulsion sprayer equipment that meets the needs of our customers. Our Model 7C Hand Operated ‘Wallis’ Cold Emulsion Sprayer accepts standard emulsion drums either horizontally or vertically. Expertly manufactured by our team, this product comes with a robust history, and matching build quality, which has made the industry standard.

Product Benefits

Product Benefits:

  • Accepts standard 205 litre emulsion drums either horizontally or vertically
  • Mounted on 4 cushion tyre road wheels as standard. An alternative 3 wheeled version with drag handle is also available.


  • Pump
    • The self-priming ball valve in this model is designed to handle cold anionic and cationic bituminous emulsions. It incorporates an air chamber, pump piston rod lubrication and strainer system to spray bitumen emulsion safely and efficiently.
  • Spray Line
    • 3 metre armoured delivery spray hose.
    • 1.5 metre split spraylance fitted with three piece easy clean nozzle.

Additional Features

  • Optional fine and large spray jet nozzles are available.
  • Alternative P2000 Powered Sprayer available

Wallis Cold Emulsion Sprayer – Model P2000 Power Operated

We have built up a strong relationship with our customers over the years. The P2000 is a development of our understanding of what the industry demands. The former P2 has been redesigned, giving an exceptionally robust sprayer with the addition of well proven reliable components that feature across our entire range.


  • Briggs and Stratton Engine 5HP Petrol Engine c/w 6:1 reduction unit
  • Quality Albany geared pump
  • Spraylance
    • 3 metre armoured delivery spray hose
    • 1.5 metre split spray lance fitted with a three piece easy clean nozzle
  •  The product accepts standard emulsion drums either horizontally or vertically
  • 16 x 4 cushioned  tyred road wheels
  • Fitted with a lockable tool-box

Additional Features

Designed with interchangeability in mind wherever possible.

Assemblies are interchangeable with 7C Hand Model chassis. Wheels, brakes, hoses, suction and delivery assembly are all in common.







*Express delivery dependent on area and availability

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