"I would just like to drop you a quick line to thank you and your team for the service that you have provided during the hire of the Trojan Mastic Mixer.  The mixer itself was of great use to us in the lockdown period, in particular when we found asphalt very hard to come by.
Thank you once again"

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Infra-Ray Heater – Model 104/108 & Special Build Models

Ashphalt Patcher and Reheater

Our Infra Ray Heaters are a flexible, single mobile unit, traditionally used to repair Asphalt surfaces quickly and efficiently. Our expert engineers have designed this cost-effective product to enable contractors to repair dangerous potholes and surface defects. The seamless repair will prevent secondary failure, due to weather ingress and provide a permanent solution.

Traditionally road surface maintenance, reinstatement and removal has entailed the use of many different operations, machines and man-power. Our infra-ray road heater fulfils many of these functions by providing a single mobile unit. It is quiet and clean in operation, with the high cost of highways liability claims, our asphalt patchers offer a practical, fast and cost effective solution.

Product Benefits

  • An affordable, repair solution to potholes
  • Repairs to cracks, defects, potholes, loose or missing chippings
  • Bonds together new and old materials
  • No oxidisation of existing binders
  • No vibration thus avoiding ‘white finger’
  • No chemical additives required
  • Prevents ingress of water and frost and subsequent damage
  • Joint drying prior to sealing
  • Propane gas fired
  • Robust heavy-duty construction
  • Portable unit with single front wheel support to allow drainage works
  • Specialised sizes built to your requirements
  • Hire machines available

Additional Elements

  • Individual burner on/off control option

Mechanical Data

Models available:
Standard Build Infra Ray Heater:
Model 104 BHP – Approximate heating area: 620mm x 550mm
Model 108 BHP – Approximate heating area: 1400mm x 550mm

Special Build Infra Ray Heater:
Model 302 BHP – Approximate heating area: 300mm x 180mm
Model 401 BHP – Approximate heating area: 150mm x 2500mm
Model 305 BHP – Approximate heating area: 1000mm x 1800mm

Infra-Ray Heater information:

The heater panel applies infra-red energy to the asphalt and tarmacadam road surfaces. The heat penetrates the material, softening the binder content to a point where the material becomes workable. Other systems which use a naked flame tend to burn and destroy the road surface. Infra-red heat does not impair the quality of the material. As soon as the material has been conditioned by the road heater many alternatives are open to the contractor: the material can easily be removed, or since it is not displaced in any way by the heater, it may be rolled again to provide a good wearing surface, or new material, including pre-coated chips which can be added and rolled in to improve the surface.

A standard range of equipment is available as well as specialised equipment, which can be designed for customers’ specific requirements e.g Machines for trenching work, lorry mounted or paver mounted machines. For smaller areas, a range of asphalt finishing tools are also available for the removal of bumps indentations and high spots.







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